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Wholesale Public Records Research

Wholesale Screening Solutions offers nationwide background checks with a focus on the wholesale market. This focus enables us to provide our retail clients with quality, accurate, and timely records searches.

Nationwide County Searches

County records research is conducted at the county-level court of each requested jurisdiction utilizing the most up-to-date and complete information available.

County record searches include a ten-year search for misdemeanor and felony records. Upon request extended time frame searches are available (this may require an additional fee).

Statewide Searches

Wholesale Screening Solutions currently offers statewide records searches through both the administrative office of the courts and state repositories.

A state repository is a law enforcement database that contains some or all records of law enforcement activity related to a given subject. As a general rule, anytime someone is arrested at the local level, there is a robust mechanism to report that information to the state repository.

The administrative office of the court statewide database, which is sometimes referred to as a unified statewide database, is the state court administrators’ consolidated portal by which we can look at the individual case results of some or all of a subject’s state/county court records.

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