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Federal records research requests can be unexpectedly costly and time-consuming due to the need for manual verifications of common name searches. Other so-called “automation” solutions have failed to solve the problem. i-Fed from Wholesale Screening Solutions is different. We have developed what we believe is the best, most efficient, most accurate federal research product on the market today.

Federal Records Automation Redefined

i-Fed™ intelligent federal records research uses proprietary intelligent automation to minimize the need for manual verifications. Months of development and testing have come together to truly change the federal research game.

What You Can Expect:

  • Robust, intelligent automation that drastically reduces the need for manual, labor-intensive verifications
  • Faster results, free of human error
  • Predictable turnaround times
  • Consistent affordable pricing

The Wholesale Difference

FuseOS® Operating System

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