Work Instructions: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

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Q&A with Renae Cramphin, Director of Operations, Wholesale Screening Solutions

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we have this idea that we can become a 6-sigma quality organization. That we can deliver quality levels that are unheard of in our industry. That we can become the most efficient, effective organization in the public records research space. This vision is brought to life in the day-to-day way in which we operate.

Where the rubber meets the road, you’ll find Renae Cramphin, our Director of Operations. In this Q&A, Renae talks about the nitty gritty of work instructions and how these instructions enable our researchers to consistently deliver against established processes and client specifications.

Q: Describe your role at Wholesale Screening Solutions.

A:  At a high level, I manage a team that oversees operations of our internal researchers. One of our key functions is to consistently monitor the public access sites our researchers rely on for the work they perform. Vetting those sites, daily automated testing making sure they have the right information available, and that they’re complete and accurate is a continual effort. From these evaluations, a second critical function we provide is to develop and maintain work instructions for our researchers. These instructions naturally roll up into the processes that enable us to deliver the consistent, predictable, and reliable results our clients expect.

Q: What does a typical work instruction entail?

For research that can be performed remotely, there are as many different sets of work instructions as there are public access terminals. Sometimes even more as clients often have their own specifications layered on top of the work instructions. The work instructions comprise a step by step, detailed write up of the process a researcher should undergo to obtain accurate results from each jurisdiction. Everything from log in to log out.

Q: What is the process you go through to create work instructions?

Our training department works very closely with our on-staff technical writer to walk step by step through each portal and detail exactly how to perform a search utilizing a uniform template. Once the work steps are created, they go through an in-depth review and testing process. All stakeholders review the document looking for anything we may have missed or haven’t clearly explained. Once all stakeholders have approved the instructions, it becomes part of our training program and an assessment is created to ensure researchers have successfully mastered the search.

Q: What is something clients might be surprised to learn about work instructions?

Two things: First, the amount of time that goes into creating them. Our technical writer is required to sit down with one or two experienced researchers to walk through every step of the process prior to creating the instructions, and then it goes through an extensive review process. Even on a basic portal, the work instructions could take days to complete. Second, clients may be surprised to know that the process is not a one-and-done project. We have to continually review the work instructions to ensure they stay up-to-date and to ensure we are getting quality results.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we know that the way to deliver on client expectation is to have processes that are followed all the way through with detailed work instructions.

Do you know what’s going on where the rubber meets the road with your public research provider?

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