Humanizing Verifications: Q&A with Joshua Jones, Director of Verifications, Wholesale Screening Solutions

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Quality verifications with a quick turnaround are a key component of a comprehensive background screening solution, but verifications are also one of the most challenging services to deliver at scale. To learn more about the driving factors that have established our success in the realm of verifications, we interviewed Joshua Jones, Director of Verifications for Wholesale Screening Solutions.

Q. What are some common misconceptions customers have about verifications?

There is a lot more to verifications than meets the eye. Running a successful verifications operation is certainly not as simple as making a few phone calls. One level is building the right team and training individuals on best practices, including how to obtain relevant information under difficult circumstances. Another level is tracking metrics for quality and productivity. For verifications, we have first attempts and subsequent attempts when the first try is unsuccessful (which is often the case).

One of the biggest challenges we face is educating clients on the number of attempts it realistically takes to collect usable data. While it’s true that you need multiple attempts, there are also diminishing returns. We have discovered that we won’t necessarily find more information after a certain number of attempts. We have also discovered that, contrary to popular belief, two attempts in one day are never recommended. Knowing these industry nuances is important and can save our clients time and money.

Q. To what do you contribute Wholesale’s success in the verifications space?

We use a metrics-driven management approach to determine which KPIs to measure as well as to develop the right processes that allow us to scale our operations. We are able to apply these metrics all the way down to our verification agents to boost service quality, morale, and productivity. When agents see the numbers, it helps them reflect on the bigger picture by knowing their individual impact and how that feeds into what we’re accomplishing as a team.

This translates to value to the customer because employees are measured by what the client is looking for, turnaround time and success rate. The result is a mindset in which our verifications specialists recognize that their success channels into department success and ultimately client success.

Q. Is there any data you can share on the success of Wholesale Verifications?

I am proud to report that our first attempt completion rate, the ability to return usable data to the client after just one round of verifications, surpasses the industry standard. Where most vendors offer an average first attempt completion rate of 30-35%, we hover between 55-60%. This number does not include the work we do with automated vendors, which would actually push our success rate even higher.

We’re able to achieve these high first-attempt rates because of our human-to-human approach to verifications. This personal approach to verifications increases the quality of our attempts, and the numbers are evidence of that. We average an 85% verification success rate.

Q. What is the single biggest reason CRAs choose Wholesale for verifications?

For one, we are radically transparent by giving clients real-time access to all call logs and status updates. The industry standard tends to use generic language such as “made a call, left a message,” which then can leave clients guessing about the current status of ongoing searches. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide our clients with full time stamps and word-for-word logs of what transpired on the phone call or attempt to obtain the verification.

Next, it’s common for verification companies to offer standard questioning, including basic questions such as date of last employment and reason for leaving. However, there are other helpful data points for employers to consider, such as verified performance ratings. We customize our verifications on a client and sub-client basis to best align with their individual verification needs.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we understand that verifications are a personal matter, that’s why we deliver a human-to-human level verifications solution that returns higher success rates and is able to align with your company needs. Don’t settle for standardized, explore Wholesale Screening Solutions and get more out of your verifications.

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