What’s on Your Dashboard?

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Do you have access at your fingertips to the data you really need to manage customer expectations, predict turnaround times, and make smarter business decisions?

A few years ago, we stopped having the “wouldn’t it be nice if our platform did this or that?” conversation and started asking ourselves “why don’t we just make it happen?” So, we built our own operating system to the exact specifications we needed to drive our business, create efficiencies, and service our clients in a way that is largely unexpected in this industry.

The result was FuseOS.

Not only have we created a platform to increase our business efficiencies, we believe it solves what has been a glaring issue within the industry for years: The issue of transparency.

Transparency is what we need to run our business and we believe it’s what you need to run yours. The heart of this transparency is the FuseOS dashboard, a.k.a. FuseDash. It is the view our customers have into the metrics that ultimately determines their success.

So, we ask, what’s on your dashboard? Let’s look at what you will find on the FuseDash:


Work in Progress

Whether you wish to look at new orders from the past 24 hours, orders from 24-48 hours or longer, you can view that data here. Set the filters to see what is most important to you.

Heat Map

View a map of the entire United States with numerous views and filtering options. You have 3 view options for EACH individual service: Outliers, Turnaround Times (TAT), and Work in Progress (WIP). Applying a filter will change to highlight the particular data set and give you the numbers by state. You can then click on a state to drill into particular county data. For federal records work in progress, you can even view data by federal district in each state. Outlier reports give you direct access to important information you need to manage client expectations.

Daily Volume

This is your volumes in, volumes out, and Work in Progress (WIP) on a daily basis. The default view is 6 months but can be customized to your exact timeframe specifications.

TAT Month over Month

Here you have a bird’s eye view of your month over month turnaround time (TAT). It is broken down by hits and clears to provide meaningful information to drive business decisions and provide accurate ETAs. You may filter by date range or view only hits or clears.

Live Chat

Have a question? Click the chat window to immediately connect with your dedicated customer service representative.

What’s more, from any place on the dashboard you can drill into pending searches based on your filtered search criteria or as a whole. For each and every order, FuseOS uses historical data and machine learning to automatically give you an ETA for Clears and Hits. As a result, not only will your team have ETAs for each order as soon as an order is created, but you will have much more accurate ETAs that will help to create a better onboarding experience for your clients. We can also set FUSE to alert us of any expired ETA, so we can update it and provide you with actionable information as to why there is an extended delay.


Does your dashboard measure up to FuseOS? If not, it’s time you gave Wholesale Screening Solutions a try.


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