Why Transparency Should be the #1 Requirement of Your Wholesale Data Partner

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As a CRA in the background screening industry, you rely on your wholesale data partners to provide you with fast, accurate research that your customers can use to make better hiring decisions. Your customers are under pressure to secure their top candidates, often waiting on the results of the background check to finalize their decisions. So, what happens when you send your research request out to your wholesale provider? Does it seem to go into a black box with no real indication of when you’ll get it back? Are you clear on what you will and won’t see in the resulting research? Are you sometimes surprised by the cost?

If your answers to any of these questions leave you with unmet expectations, you are probably lacking transparency.

What do we mean by transparency?

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, being transparent means opening our processes, workloads, and quality metrics for customers to see how their business will be impacted. We provide transparency via our customer dashboard and through quality metrics posted on our website. The way we see it, transparency is what we need to run our business and we believe it’s what you need to run yours.

To illustrate the types of information we make available, take a look at Dashboard here:

Why is transparency important?

Transparency between a CRA and its public records research provider results in fewer misunderstandings, greater efficiency, and an all-around better customer experience.

  • It helps you better manage your business and your customers. At the heart of transparency is the ability for you and your customers to make informed decisions. When expectations are clear, everyone wins.
  • It keeps your provider accountable. A provider who opens up its processes, turnaround times, and quality metrics to a customer’s view, automatically becomes beholden to those metrics.

If you’re lacking the level of transparency you expect, we invite you to give our services a try or contact us to learn more about FuseOS.

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