4 Ways to Test the Strength of Your Public Records Research Provider’s Supplier Network

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As a CRA, you know firsthand the benefit of having a partner in the public records research space who can deliver predictable turnaround times and consistent quality–regardless how your needs might fluctuate. Doing so requires that your provider-partner has a strong supplier network to handle any request you throw their way.

How can you be sure the provider you choose has the strength to back you up? Here are 4 questions to ask:

1. Can you show me turnaround times by week and month for the last year?

Consistency in turnaround times (TATs) is one of the best indicators that a provider has a strong research team. If you are looking for a provider to handle a certain jurisdiction or a number of jurisdictions, ask to see a report of their TATs. If you see wild fluctuations in those numbers, that could indicate a possible issue with their ability to handle volume increases. On the other hand, if you see consistency in turnaround times, that is a likely indicator that your experience will be consistent as well.

2. How do you ensure quality?

Every potential provider will tell you they have good quality. The only way to really know is to see it over time, but there are practices your provider should be able to demonstrate. Do they constantly monitor and send out test searches to make sure their network is delivering good quality? Do they have processes in place to detect quality issues and proactively deal with them before you feel the pain? Can they show you their state of quality?

3. How diverse is your network?

A diverse provider network, especially in the larger metro areas, gives them the flexibility and scalability required to meet your needs. By diverse, we mean having more than one supplier or at least having a large enough team in place to ensure your demands can be met.  A researcher gets sick, an unexpected uptick in volume comes in, and you experience an operational upset, these things can and do happen. Without a diverse network, you will experience the pain of slow TAT at some point in time.

4. Can I try it for myself?

A final way to test the strength of a partner’s network is to actually try it! Request to sample of their services for free and see how it goes.

Your success as a CRA depends on having the right partners. At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we are bringing transparency to our public records research process and approach, so you can make the right choice for yourself. We invite you to try our services.

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