Six Sigma Quality & The Background Screening Industry

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Last month on our blog we addressed the topic of high reliability and whether the background screening industry could achieve near-perfect reliability in the face of complexity. In striving to become a high reliability organization, many turn to a set of techniques and tools for process improvement introduced by engineer Bill Smith while he was working at Motorola in 1986. Smith’s approach is known as Six Sigma and it’s probably the most widely-recognized system for quality worldwide.

Originally developed as a way to improve quality in manufacturing, Six Sigma has grown and expanded across many industries. It is a highly structured method for defining and measuring quality, identifying and removing causes of defects (or errors), and controlling process variance. The premise behind Six Sigma is if you can measure how many defects or errors you have in a process, you can then systematically determine how to eliminate them and get as close to zero defects as possible. To be considered at the level of “Six Sigma Quality,” a process must produce no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

Why the Background Screening Industry Should Care About Six Sigma

The background screening industry plays a vital role in ensuring and enhancing the safety, security, and productivity of today’s workforces. Decisions regarding who is hired, retained, promoted, and entrusted are made every day on the basis of background screening information collected by companies like ours. While not all errors are significant enough to cause harm and processes are in place to mitigate possible mistakes, we cannot be blind to the fact that mistakes happen and can be extremely costly and potentially damaging.

Six Sigma provides the structured methodology the industry needs to get to near-perfect quality.

Six Sigma at Wholesale Screening Solutions

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, quality is woven into the fabric of our organizational processes and culture. We have embraced the Six Sigma methodology as a structure and guidepost for our quality programs. At the time of this writing, we are at a defect level of 5.022893081 Sigma for the year 2017. This puts us at a 99.9787% accuracy rate and a defect rate of 213.4317628 defects per million opportunities.

To achieve Six Sigma is to be nearly flawless in performance. This is our goal and we know it’s a lofty one. We’d love to see others in the background screening industry join us in the quest for Six Sigma. If you’re looking for a wholesale public records research provider who cares as much about quality as you do, consider Wholesale Screening Solutions.

Read more about our approach in this recent blog: 3 Pillars of Quality.

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