Six Sigma Case Study: Support Ticket Volume Shows State of Quality

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One Six Sigma approach says that if you can measure how many defects or errors you have in a process, you can then systematically determine how to eliminate them and get as close to zero defects as possible. One way Wholesale Screening Solutions measures quality is by looking at the number of support tickets we receive from our clients, on the assumption that a support ticket indicates a client had a question or issue with a search request in our system.

Our obvious goal is to reduce the number of support tickets we receive. This is just one measure of quality, but it’s an important one. When we reduce our ticket volume our efficiency improves and the overall health of our business improves. But most importantly, the customer experience improves and we move closer to Six Sigma.

Here is a snapshot of some of the data we have collected in 2017 from our support system:

The story behind the numbers is that we are becoming more efficient. Not only have our searches per ticket decreased, our overall headcount has fallen as well.

  • 7,605 emails per agent in 2015 to 20,289 emails per agent in 2017.
  • 45.1 searches per ticket in 2015 to 94.7 searches per ticket in 2017.

These numbers simply aren’t possible without the Six Sigma processes in place.

Does your research provider subscribe to the principles of Six Sigma quality?

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