Pursuit of Perfection Series: 3 Key Components of Our Researcher Training Program

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This blog continues our Pursuit of Perfection series where we highlight aspects of our business that impact the quality of our public records research. Today, we look at our researcher training program and how we use it to drive towards our goal of six sigma level quality.

Research analysts at Wholesale Screening Solutions are put through an extensive, ongoing training program focused on their success in the role, as well as how their performance impacts the success of our clients and the business at large. Here we highlight 3 key components of the program:

1. Intensive new hire training

Research analysts engage in a two-week, intensive new hire training. On the first day, all new hires meet with our executive team to discuss quality expectations, why we do what we do, and to learn more about our core values. Once in the classroom, analysts receive detailed training on quality, core values, background screening, the criminal justice system, safety and security, jurisdictional training, and proprietary system information such as how to access operating procedures, client guidelines, work instructions, and more. Training takes place in our designated training classrooms with highly skilled, professional trainers.

2. Online learning management

Classroom training is supplemented by our custom online Learning Management System (LMS) which provides interactive online learning with specific courses created for each jurisdiction. The LMS features assessments, interactive discussions, and hands on assignments. Each analyst is required to successfully complete test cases and pass all required assessments before they are released to live work. Our analysts use concise, up-to-date and easily accessible work instructions, which are created and maintained by our in-house technical writer.

3. Ongoing training and support

Training is an ongoing process. Our training team continues to provide our analysts with additional jurisdictional training, group training for policy and/or client changes, as well as shadowing sessions to maintain the highest quality. After the initial 2-week training, the analyst is assigned to a supervisor that will continue to monitor their quality and productivity, mentor, and create a learning plan to further the analyst’s skills and knowledge base. Any time a defect occurs, researchers participate in root cause investigations and corrective action to enhance their understanding and learning. Our quality team also reviews every defect to identify the root cause and address it through additional training, coaching, process re-engineering, and/or other measures.

The quality of our work is only as good as the quality of our people. In our pursuit of perfection, training and supporting our researchers is a top priority.

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