Is the Wait for a Real Continuous Monitoring Solution Finally Over?

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Real Continuous Court Activity Monitoring. The Wait is Over.

It’s no secret that continuous monitoring is trending in the background screening industry. While the monitoring of employee records is nothing new for companies in regulated industries, today, employers across industries are asking if continuous monitoring should be part of their ongoing risk management strategy. There’s a lot of talk within the industry about the real opportunities, and equally, the real challenges that come with continuous monitoring.

In response, companies are looking to meet demand with solutions that overcome the challenges and deliver the value employers expect.

Until now, continuous monitoring involved nothing more than tapping into arrest data or a bulk-purchased national criminal database, each of which has limited value and usefulness and potential compliance headaches when it comes to making employment-related decisions.

What has been missing is an affordable continuous monitoring solution that tells the whole story — from arrest to resolution — using actionable, authoritative data.

It’s Time to Rethink Continuous Monitoring

Today, we announce a continuous monitoring solution from Wholesale Screening Solutions — a radically different approach to monitoring from a partner you have come to know for getting it right. The Wholesale Screening continuous monitoring solution goes beyond arrest data to tell the whole story by leveraging arrest data AND actual court records. With customizable data sets and sources, our CRA customers and their clients can tap into just the right amount of information based on need and risk appetite in order to give end users the data they need to make better decisions.

Learn more about the Wholesale continuous monitoring solution and how it compares to others here. Read the full news story here: “Wholesale Screening Solutions Launches Continuous Court Activity Monitoring for the Background Screening Industry.

We believe this truly ground-breaking solution is exactly what the industry has been waiting for and we invite you to request a free trial to see for yourself.

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