5 Ways Our Quality Program Benefits Your Business

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What it all boils down to is that quality data is our number one job. Our customers count on us to deliver quality data and in turn, their customers rely on this data to assist in their hiring decisions. Without a very high level of quality, a business is at risk of losing customers, the customers are at risk of making poor decisions, and the harsh reality is, people’s lives and livelihoods and safety could also be at risk.

We’ve written a lot about our quality program (read this Q&A with Director of Quality, Mark Perka or this article on the 3 Pillars of Quality at Wholesale Screening Solutions for details). What you really want to know is, how does our quality program impact your business, and if you’re not working with Wholesale Screening Solutions already, what benefits might you be missing?

Here are 5 benefits of the Wholesale approach to quality:

1. Confidence in the data we deliver

We make quality real and tangible by providing metrics on everything from defect rates to turnaround times. Our customers see this data from the FuseOS dashboard, this transparency offers confidence knowing the criminal records research and verifications data we provide is of the highest quality. These metrics are backed by a culture of quality and training that drives our organization to produce the best possible results.

2. Scale quickly

Wholesale Screening Solutions is uniquely positioned in the industry for scalability. The strength of our people, operating system, processes, training, and nationwide network of researchers combined with the deep financial backing of our parent company means we can scale quickly to meet the highest demands of our customers.

3. Faster turnaround times

Our processes not only deliver levels of quality approaching six sigma (our goal), they also result in faster turnaround times as we have fine-tuned a system of data capture, quality control, and delivery that is second to none in the public records research industry.

4. Fewer defects

Simply put, higher quality means fewer mistakes. We are relentless in our efforts to drive defects out of our processes. No defect goes unnoticed or ignored. Every mistake is an opportunity to refine our processes for even better results next time. We put our defect rate up against anyone in the industry. In fact, we publish our defect rates for the world to see.

5. Consistent, predictable results

If one time, a result from Any County, USA takes 24 hours and the next time it takes 7 days, it’s nearly impossible to manage customer expectations. Our quality program delivers consistent and predictable turnaround times so you can better manage your customer expectations. We use machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver highly accurate turnaround times from every order we process.

When quality matters, count on Wholesale Screening Solutions.


Learn more about our quality program here.

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