Product Innovation: Bruce Obsesses About Product So You Don’t Have To

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Bruce Myers Chief Revenue Officer

Today we continue our spotlight on the people of Wholesale by sharing a conversation with Bruce Myers, chief revenue officer and product innovator at Wholesale Screening. Bruce spends his days obsessing over how we can best serve our CRA customers as an outsourced provider of public records research, verifications, and court records monitoring.

According to Bruce, our products are successful when they allow our CRA customers to focus on their business while trusting us to handle the parts of the process we think about every day. “One of the things we bring to the table is that most of our leadership team, our executive team, even our staff have come from the CRA side and have multiple years of experience in the industry. This means we think like our customers think. We know what their pain points are… Every day we think about how to solve problems, how to make our services more beneficial, and how to make our customers’ lives easier.”

With this mindset, Bruce and his team set out to deliver products and services that are at the forefront of innovation. Watch the short video below to hear what Bruce has to say about two of the most recent product innovations here at Wholesale and what sets us apart from others in the wholesale space:


In the competitive and dynamic background screening industry, CRAs face many challenges. Having the right research partner behind the scenes opens up opportunities for CRAs to innovate in other areas of their business that can have a great impact on their long-term success. At Wholesale, we are obsessed with helping our customers gain a competitive edge and stay ahead by continually finding new and better ways of delivering accurate, timely, useful, and affordable data.

Continuous court records monitoring and iFed intelligent federal records research are two of our most recent innovations. But there’s much more to come.

Stay tuned for more from (y)our people.


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