Process Engineering: Carl Makes Sure Our Processes Are Smooth So Yours Can Be Too

By Carl Cogdill |

carl cogdill

As we continue our journey to highlight the people of Wholesale and specifically, how our people directly and positively impact the success of our CRA customers, today we are pleased to introduce Carl Cogdill. As the VP of Vendor Management and Process Engineering, Carl Cogdill and his team are integral to how Wholesale delivers timely, quality research at scale.

According to Carl, the key to successful process engineering is delivering the most accurate data available back to our CRA customers in the most efficient way every single day. Furthermore, our process engineering team works on solving small problems, early on, before they even start and most times, before our customers even notice them. At Wholesale, for Carl and his team, it’s all about continuous improvement and staying one step ahead. His approach impacts our customers in ways that are critical, and in ways they may not even realize.

Watch this short video to hear Carl discuss his thoughts on process engineering, the challenges CRAs face today, and how the daily decisions of his team impact our CRA customers and their results.

Carl has been working in the background screening industry for over 20 years and he recognizes one of the biggest challenges CRAs face when it comes to criminal records research is delivering accurate, timely results to their customers. As courts continue to restrict access and further reduce availability to information, this becomes even more difficult. It’s exceedingly important for CRAs to work with a trusted partner like Wholesale Screening Solutions that understands the courts, its complexities, and has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to get the necessary information, even when it’s difficult to obtain.

Wholesale’s approach to process engineering helps CRAs address this challenge. How? Our process engineering team works with the goal of continuous improvement. We’re constantly looking for areas within our processes where we can improve, engineer out any defects and return results back to our CRA customers in a more efficient and accurate way. Whether that’s through automation, software improvement, or expanding the team, we’re continually looking to improve for our clients. “I don’t know of any other company in our industry that has a process engineering team,” remarks Carl. “I think every company in our industry uses metrics to some degree. But what really separates us is how we look at the data coming in.”

The Wholesale team is fortunate to have the experience and skill of Carl and his process engineering team. Watch the video above to hear more from Carl and stay tuned for more from (y)our people.

About Carl Cogdill
Carl Cogdill is Senior Vice President of Supplier Management and Process Engineering for Wholesale Screening Solutions. He oversees the Wholesale Screening Solutions research network to ensure we deliver the most accurate information in the shortest possible time. Carl also leads the company’s process engineering efforts, where he looks at anything and everything in operations that can be improved to increase quality, efficiency and accuracy.