Process Dependent: Why Yours is Only as Good as Your Research Provider’s

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That criminal records request from Bartow County, GA that happens to be holding up a client’s important new hire. If you can’t tell your customer exactly where it is in the process and when it will be delivered, you’re in a very uncomfortable position. Multiply this by the hundreds or thousands of requests you handle each day and a poorly-run ETA process quickly becomes fully clear.

When it comes to public records research and verifications, your processes are only as good as your provider’s. If you’re a CRA on the front lines of client services, fielding questions and requests for ETAs, you know this all too well. The last thing you need is to be held back by lack of information and unpredictability from your research and verifications provider.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we set out in 2007 with the idea that our CRA customers should expect more from their public records research providers. We knew, firsthand, what it was like to sit on the CRA’s side and have little to no visibility into the key performance indicators that drive customer service and business results. We knew we had to develop an industry-leading process and we’ve done so through the following key ideals:

  • Partnership-Level Customer Service – Building partnership-level relationships with our clients is critical to our approach. We emphasize proactivity and transparency. 
  • A Culture of Quality – At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we subscribe to the Six Sigma methodology. This gives us a rigorous framework for bringing quality to our clients, implementing corrective actions in the event of a defect, and achieving continuous improvements along the way.
  • State-of-the-Art Operating System – The FuseOS operating system from Wholesale Screening Solutions automates the ETA process using predictive data so you can better manage client expectations and your clients can build accurate timeframes into their hiring processes.
  • Metrics-Driven Management – We know that if we have a pulse on the metrics that impact what our customers care about most (turnaround times, accuracy, and cost), we will be successful, our customers will be successful, and our customers’ customers will be successful. 
  • Continuous Improvement – By its nature, process improvement is never completed, so we’re always looking for ways to improve.

Meeting the high expectations of our CRA customers is only possible with the right processes in place. Likewise, the quality of your processes depends on having the right partner. If your expectations include quality research, predictable turnarounds, and wholesale-level pricing, we invite you to give our services a try.

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