5 Most Popular Posts from the Public Records Research Blog in 2019

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It is a dynamic time in the industry of public records research, and it shows in the blog posts that generated the most attention this year. Here is the content our readers found most valuable in 2019.

#1: How to Write an RFP for Public Records Research Services

As a CRA, when you’re looking to choose a public records research provider in a given jurisdiction, region, or even nationally, it pays to take a careful approach to crafting your RFP and evaluating the responses. This post discusses some of the key areas your Request for Proposal (RFP) should cover.

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#2: The Ins and Outs of Criminal Records TATs

Turnaround times are one of the end user’s most frequent sources of dissatisfaction with a CRA. In turn, it’s one of a CRA’s biggest sources of dissatisfaction with their public records research provider. Understanding what drives those turnaround times and being able to manage your clients’ expectations are key. Here are 4 factors that impact TATs for criminal records specifically.

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#3: How We Address the Challenges of Federal Criminal Records Research

Federal criminal records are unique not only in terms of the types of cases that are housed in the files, but also in terms of the way they are reported, searched, and retrieved. We sat down with Cody Funkhouser, a Federal Criminal Research Analyst at Wholesale Screening Solutions, to learn how Wholesale Screening Solutions deals with the unique nature and challenges of federal criminal records research.

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#4: What Today’s Employment Screening Providers Need Most from Their Wholesale Partners

Criminal history checks are a universal aspect of background screening for employment. With so much riding on the outcome of these checks, it’s easy to see why companies responsible for providing the results to employers have high demands of their wholesale research partners. In this blog, we highlight the 3 critically-important service characteristics that screening providers demand from their wholesale partners.

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#5: 3 Key Components of Our Researcher Training Program

This blog is part of our Pursuit of Perfection series where we highlight aspects of our business that impact the quality of our public records research. Here, we highlight our researcher training program and how we use it to drive towards our goal of six sigma level quality.

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Thanks for following the Public Records Research Blog. We look forward to continuing to produce content to help you better understand the public records research landscape and to improve your business in the year ahead.

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