8 Most Popular Posts from the Public Records Research Blog of 2018

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The complex, dynamic, and important world of public records research is highlighted in the range of blog posts that rose to the top of our most-read list for 2018. These posts generated the most attention from our readers over the course of 2018 and represent many of the key issues CRAs and the background as a whole are facing.

Here are our 8 most popular posts from The Public Records Research Blog in 2018:

1. 5 Things You Might Not Know About the Criminal Records Research Process

As anyone in the background screening industry will tell you, when it comes to criminal records research, there is more complexity than meets the eye. What seems simple on the surface, you learn over time is fraught with details and potential pitfalls that are best addressed by subject matter experts.

In our top post of 2018, Samantha Mason, Research Supervisor at Wholesale Screening Solutions called attention to five aspects of criminal records research that many end users and CRAs fail to understand.

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2. Answering the Call for Exceptional Customer Service

Sabrina Whittington knows a thing or two about customer service. As the Director of Client Services for Wholesale Screening Solutions, she provided an inside look at what it takes to operate a team that successfully handles more than 25,000 customer inquiries each month. In this Q&A, you’ll learn how her team has adjusted to growth, find out what she’s most proud of, and discover a surprising side of life inside the customer service department.

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3. Forward-Thinking: Q&A with Wholesale Screening Solutions Founder, Matt Lowers

Matt Lowers’ story began over ten years ago when he identified an unfilled need among CRAs in the background screening industry. It continues today as Wholesale Screening Solutions was recently named among the Inc. 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America.

Read this Q&A to discover what Lowers says are the most notable trends impacting the public records research industry and what Wholesale Screening Solutions is doing to keep pace.

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4. How to Talk to Your Clients About Turnaround Times for Public Records Research

For CRAs operating in the background screening industry, time is always of the essence. When your customers need to make a new hire, the last thing they want is to be held up waiting for the results of a criminal records check. Yet if you’re like many CRAs, one of the main sources of complaints, misunderstandings, and confusion among your customers is related to turnaround times (TATs). How is it that one request can take well under 24 hours while another can take 5 days or far more?

In this post, we provide some helpful tips on talking to your clients about TAT.

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5. What Happens When Background Checks Become a Commodity?

Getting a great price from your suppliers is important and it should be a given in the wholesale space. But what happens when a class action lawsuit lands on the desk of your CEO? Can you backup your choice of supplier, especially when it comes to criminal records? Does your supplier have what it takes to support your defense with well-documented processes?

For many CRAs, the only thing that matters is cost. Until it’s suddenly not what matters at all.

In this post we explore the dangerous proposition of background checks becoming commoditized.

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6. The Unintended Result of Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

One of the key trends in the background screening industry today involves jurisdictions that remove identifiers from the public index in an effort to protect the applicant’s privacy or identity. While often well-intentioned, this trend is making it harder for public records researchers to provide accurate search results.

In this post we look at why jurisdictions are removing PII and how the removal of PII impacts the accuracy and quality of public records research.

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7. How We Mitigate the Complexities of Criminal Records Research

Failing to understand and manage the complexities and specifics of the research process can lead to significant risks. From making a dangerous hiring decision, to unfairly excluding the right applicant, to being subject to fines or lawsuits for failing to adhere to compliance requirements, there is a strong incentive to get the research done right.

In this post we outline 6 ways we mitigate the complexities of criminal records research in order to deliver quality results.

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8. Humanizing Verifications: Q&A with Joshua Jones, Director of Verifications, Wholesale Screening Solutions

Quality verifications with a quick turnaround are a key component of a comprehensive background screening solution, but verifications are also one of the most challenging services to deliver at scale. To learn more about the driving factors that have established our success in the realm of verifications, we interviewed Joshua Jones, Director of Verifications for Wholesale Screening Solutions.

Learn about common misconceptions around verifications and how Wholesale is using metrics-driven management to develop scalable processes to meet our customers’ needs at any volume.

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We hope you have enjoyed and found value in the content we have provided this year. Our aim is to help educate you and your staff on issues and practices impacting the public records research space. 2019 is sure to bring new challenges that will test our knowledge and fortitude. We’re up for the task.

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