Wholesale Screening Solutions Ends the Year with 5 Sigma Level Quality on Nearly 18 Million Searches

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6 Sigma 2018

Nationwide public records research provider, Wholesale Screening Solutions, proudly released its 2018 quality numbers indicating the company delivered an accuracy rate of 99.9768% on 17,988,624 searches, equating to a 5.000489 sigma level based on year-to-date volume as of November 26, 2018. Wholesale Screening Solutions performs criminal, civil, and federal criminal records research for some of… Read more

Background Screening and the Intersection of Compliance, Quality, and Legal

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Inside Wholesale Q&A with EVP and General Counsel, Vince Pascarella Where the worlds of compliance, legal, and quality meet, you’ll find Vince Pascarella, EVP and General Counsel for Wholesale Screening Solutions. A background screening industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience, Vince shares his view on trends impacting CRAs and how these trends should… Read more

5 Preventative Measures We Take to Avoid Mistakes

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This saying holds as true in medicine as it does in business. Great companies have a keen ability to identify sources of risks and to prevent them from turning into a loss. When mistakes are made in the background screening industry, the impacts can be… Read more

5 Metrics Every CRA Should Have at Their Fingertips

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5 Metrics Every CRA Should Have

As a CRA/background screening provider, one of the key stresses you face is managing pressure from clients who need quality research, fast. They can’t make their critical hiring decisions without it. And you can’t manage their expectations without knowing where the work is in progress, if there might be a delay, and what commitments you… Read more