Is the Wait for a Real Continuous Monitoring Solution Finally Over?

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Real Continuous Court Activity Monitoring. The Wait is Over.

It’s no secret that continuous monitoring is trending in the background screening industry. While the monitoring of employee records is nothing new for companies in regulated industries, today, employers across industries are asking if continuous monitoring should be part of their ongoing risk management strategy. There’s a lot of talk within the industry about the… Read more

Wholesale Screening Solutions Launches Continuous Court Activity Monitoring for the Background Screening Industry

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Introducing Continuous Court Activity Monitoring

Leading public records research provider, Wholesale Screening Solutions, announces its new continuous monitoring solution for consumer reporting agencies. The solution goes beyond arrest data to deliver a real solution that is complete, customizable, and actionable. March 11, 2020 (Purcellville, VA) — Leading public records research provider, Wholesale Screening Solutions, announces the launch of its continuous… Read more

2019 Quality Review: Reporting on Our Progress Toward Six Sigma

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2019 Quality Review

It is with great pride and sights set high for 2020 that we share with you a summary of our 2019 quality review. As you may already know, we share our quality metrics publicly each month on our website and via email to our customers, partners, and associates. As far as we know, we are… Read more

6 Ways Our Metrics-Driven Management Approach Benefits CRAs

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metrics-driven management

Acclaimed author and entrepreneur Seth Godin once said, “Measuring busy-ness is far easier than measuring business.” His quote underscores the importance of identifying and measuring the right metrics so that at the end of the day, your business is delivering real value to your customers. At Wholesale Screening Solutions, that premise also serves as a… Read more