How Do You Know?

By Michael Gaul |

How do you know?

My father ran central maintenance at a Dupont facility for 43 years. He dealt with all manners of broken equipment and machinery, last minute changes, and production schedules. Dupont products; Teflon, Zytel, Delrin, and Butacite are still part of my lexicon. Primarily, dad worked with the mechanical engineering team. That team was responsible for design… Read more

When Push Comes to Shove, is Quality Really That Important?

By Michael Gaul |

When Push Comes to Shove, Is Quality Really That Important?

Time, cost, quality… the pillars of a service industry’s value proposition. Funny how when one corner of this triangle gets tweaked, we all rush to put out the fire at the expense of the other two. Cost is always the leader, until something bad happens. Quality doesn’t matter when we are getting data back before… Read more

Caveat Emptor: COVID-19 and the Risk of Alternative Sources for County Criminal Court Record Searches

By Vince Pascarella, Esq., SPHR, FCRA-A, EVP & General Counsel, Wholesale Screening Solutions |

There is clear and significant risk to a consumer reporting agency (CRA) in potentially violating the accuracy, completeness and best possible source requirements of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and its state law equivalents, with use of alternative sources as a substitute for a primarily used index sourced county criminal court record search.… Read more

With Court Data, the Right Questions Make All the Difference

By Carl Cogdill |

Data Clarity in Uncertain Times: 6 Questions You Should Be Asking

Governments, citizens and businesses around the world are doing their best to make sense of the recent changes impacting the global economy. For industry and community alike, our collective next steps remain uncertain, but a common refrain of “unity” has emerged. It’s brought with it inspiring acts of kindness and selflessness that define the human… Read more