How to Talk to Your Clients About Turnaround Times for Public Records Research

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turnaround time research

For CRAs operating in the background screening industry, time is always of the essence. When your customers need to make a new hire, the last thing they want is to be held up waiting for the results of a criminal records check. Yet if you’re like many CRAs, one of the main sources of complaints,… Read more

Answering the Call for Exceptional Customer Service

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Q&A with Sabrina Whittington

Inside Wholesale Interview with Sabrina Whittington, Director, Client Services Continuing our Q&A series, this month we spent time with Sabrina Whittington who is the director of client services at Wholesale Screening Solutions. She gave us an inside look at what it takes to operate a team that successfully handles more than 25,000 customer service inquiries… Read more

Good. Fast. Cheap. Can Your Public Records Research Provider Deliver All Three?

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Good, fast, and cheap

“Good, fast, cheap: pick two.” This has long been the mantra for everything from food to space shuttles. Yet in today’s world, there is a growing expectation for all three: good, fast, AND cheap. In the background screening industry, where lives are impacted, there are real challenges and even dangers in trying to do all… Read more

The Training-Quality Connection: Becoming a Learning Organization

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Inside Wholesale: Interview with Craig Forster, Training Supervisor “A learning organization is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights.” – Harvard Business Review At Wholesale Screening Solutions, training our staff to deliver accurate, timely public records research is critical to our success… Read more