The Ins and Outs of Criminal Records TATs

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Turnaround time — also referred to as TAT — refers to the length of time it takes for a background check to be completed. In the background screening industry, the general industry average TAT is three to five days for a CRA to deliver results to the end user. At Wholesale Screening, our average TAT… Read more

How to Write an RFP for Public Records Research Services

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As a CRA, when you’re looking to choose a public records research provider in a given jurisdiction, region, or even nationally, it pays to take a careful approach to crafting your RFP and evaluating the responses. What is an RFP? An RFP (Request for Proposal) is a written request, issued from your company to a… Read more

3 Traits of a Great Public Records Researcher

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Here at Wholesale Screening Solutions, we’re always looking for great people to fill the important role of public records researcher. The ability to accurately perform the research is obviously a critical skill, and we spend a lot of time training our staff on the ins and outs of research. However, to be a truly great… Read more

Why Transparency Should be the #1 Requirement of Your Wholesale Data Partner

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As a CRA in the background screening industry, you rely on your wholesale data partners to provide you with fast, accurate research that your customers can use to make better hiring decisions. Your customers are under pressure to secure their top candidates, often waiting on the results of the background check to finalize their decisions.… Read more