[Infographic] A CRA’s Reference: Continuous Court Records Monitoring

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

A company’s long-standing employee gets arrested one Friday night. The employer receives an automated alert, almost immediately. What should the employer do with this information? Your response to this question will most likely entail a lot more questions than answers. What did the employee get arrested for? Jaywalking or armed robbery? Did my employee really… Read more

Background Screening and the Practice of Being Relentless

By Michael Gaul |

I bought my German Shepherd Bodhi a big red ball. He has destroyed every dog toy imaginable; this one made for big cats in zoos seemed the answer. It’s hard plastic and about the size of a basketball. It’s too big for him to bite, his mighty jaws are just not up to the task.… Read more

Unlike Happy Fun Ball, Court Records Need No Disclaimers

By Michael Gaul |

Accept no substitutes.

Ever see the SNL skit about Happy Fun Ball? It was supposedly happy and fun, but the disclaimers made it sound like it must be at least a little bit dangerous. We have all seen the latest “pill” solution to an intractable ailment that comes with a list of disclaimers that make the original symptoms… Read more

The Monitoring Paradox

By Vince Pascarella, Esq., SPHR, FCRA-A, EVP & General Counsel, Wholesale Screening Solutions |


Darn it, that job applicant seemed perfect on paper. He interviewed so well. She was recommended by a great long-term employee. All that stood between you and them was the background check. Unfortunately, this final step revealed something you didn’t expect to find. What do you do? Should you call in legal? Do you even… Read more