Operations: Meet Dan. He’s Ours, And Yours.

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

Eight years ago, Dan Agee joined the Wholesale Screening team as Chief Operating Officer. He immediately instilled a metrics-driven management approach that has helped see us through exponential volumes of growth. During Dan’s tenure the company has grown from just 35 employees to now more than 500 dedicated team members. In Dan’s words, the key… Read more

The State of Public Records Research: Are We There Yet?

By Carl Cogdill |

It goes without saying that these past 14 months have been nothing short of unprecedented. Here at Wholesale Screening, one of the specific impacts that has affected our clients greatly has been access to public records data. With access in many jurisdictions limited, this past year brought many challenges. So, where are we now? As… Read more

Our Approach to People + Culture: You Win When We Hire Great People

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

There’s a whole lot to be said for technology, automation, and AI in reducing the need for human involvement in business processes. In public records research, our investment in technology has certainly helped us become more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective as we continue to make technology innovation a key strategic priority. However, it is critical… Read more

We Launched Court Records Monitoring One Year Ago. Here’s What We’ve Learned.

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

A year ago, Wholesale Screening launched what we thought was a groundbreaking, industry-changing solution to address one of the hottest topics in human capital risk today. Unlike traditional arrest records-based monitoring, our continuous court records monitoring solution helps companies avoid negligent retention liability by providing actionable, authoritative information.