Our Approach to People + Culture: You Win When We Hire Great People

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rachel franklin, wholesale screening

There’s a whole lot to be said for technology, automation, and AI in reducing the need for human involvement in business processes. In public records research, our investment in technology has certainly helped us become more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective as we continue to make technology innovation a key strategic priority. However, it is critical that we don’t overlook the vital role of people whose expertise, passion, and commitment make the difference in our ability to deliver quality results.

In recognition, we’ve recently launched an effort to feature the people of Wholesale Screening Solutions and spotlight some of the many team members who influence the success of Wholesale and our customers.

Today, we share some words from Rachel Franklin, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Wholesale Screening Solutions. Rachel is the person behind our people. Together with her HR team, she has led our hiring efforts for the past 7 years as our team has grown a whopping 388%. During her time, she has cultivated a hiring philosophy and strategy that enables us to find and retain great talent. Watch this two-minute video to hear her words about Wholesale’s approach to hiring, what draws people to work here, what makes a great Wholesale employee, and importantly, how our hiring approach impacts our CRA customers.



As Rachel explains, our strategic priorities at Wholesale Screening are to hire team members who are passionate about the work we do, who have a commitment to detail, and a commitment to delivering at a very high level to our clients. Our people know that their work impacts lives. In this sense, what makes a great Wholesale employee is someone who is truly passionate about our mission.

“The work we do at Wholesale impacts the public on a daily basis. When we’re doing research correctly, when we’re giving it that attention to detail, when we’re possessing the high quality standards we possess, we’re going to deliver correct data so someone can get that job they’re looking for,” says Rachel.

When you work with Wholesale Screening Solutions, our people really are your people. You benefit from the wisdom of our leadership, years of experience in the industry, the training of our researchers, and the commitment of the entire team to deliver quality results.

Stay tuned for more from (y)our people.

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