Operations: Meet Dan. He’s Ours, And Yours.

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Eight years ago, Dan Agee joined the Wholesale Screening team as Chief Operating Officer. He immediately instilled a metrics-driven management approach that has helped see us through exponential volumes of growth. During Dan’s tenure the company has grown from just 35 employees to now more than 500 dedicated team members. In Dan’s words, the key to an efficient and productive operations department is scalability. Our biggest advantage as a company is our ability to scale while providing the high-quality results our clients expect, whether through advances in technology, through expanding our workforce or through a combination of both.

We recently launched an effort to feature the people of Wholesale Screening Solutions and spotlight some of the many team members who influence the success of Wholesale and our customers. Today, we are proud to feature Dan Agee, our Chief Operating Officer. The work of Dan and his team greatly impacts the results we deliver to you, our customer. This means, if you’re a Wholesale customer, Dan’s also an extension of YOUR team.

Dan’s expertise and years of experience in the industry provide immense value to what we do as a wholesale public records research provider which is imperative in this post-pandemic world and even more so as courts begin to reopen and hiring volumes ramp up.

Watch this short video to hear Dan, in his own words, speak about Wholesale’s approach to operations, how we scale operations to meet increasing volume, and how operational decisions impact our CRA customers on a daily basis.

In the end, just about every decision the Wholesale operations team makes impacts our CRA customers. This is why operational efficiency is so crucial to the work we do. Every day, Dan and his team analyze our company’s turnaround metrics and make critical decisions that may ultimately affect the speed and accuracy with which we can deliver results.

The future is bright here at Wholesale and Dan anticipates the following:

  1. Further improvements to scalability and efficiencies of Wholesale operations increasing speed, accuracy and quality.
  2. Increasing adaptation and improvements to our remote work environment and a remote workforce.
  3. Continued advancements to our Fuse operating system.
  4. New product offerings such as our continuous monitoring product.

When you work with Wholesale Screening Solutions, our people really are your people. You benefit from the wisdom of our leadership, our years of experience in the industry, the training of our researchers, and the commitment of the entire team to deliver quality results.

Stay tuned for more from (y)our people.

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