Where’s the Beef in Your Monitoring Solution? [Case Study]

By Bruce Myers |

As one of the more “tenured” people in the background screening industry, I along with a few dozen others will remember the 1984 Wendy’s commercial featuring an elderly Clara Peller asking that famous question, “Where’s the beef?

The point of course was that Wendy’s burgers had more beef, more meat, than their competitors.

What does this have to do with continuous monitoring?

The industry has been talking a LOT about continuous monitoring recently. We at Wholesale Screening have been talking about “the how” and educating the market with the difference between our court records monitoring and other arrest/incarceration/monitoring tools. Well, as they say, talk is cheap. So, where’s the beef?

We recently completed a 10-week continuous monitoring study of a specific employee population in the transportation industry. The results are staggering. Let’s take a look at what has been found in just the last 10 weeks:

For you data junkies out there, this opens the bun and shows the beef. This isn’t your old-fashioned arrest only monitoring solution. This is monitoring, modernized. For your clients, it’s getting harder to claim that this isn’t possible and therefore can’t be held liable for not doing this. The court records have arrived!

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