6 Ways Our Metrics-Driven Management Approach Benefits CRAs

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metrics-driven management

Acclaimed author and entrepreneur Seth Godin once said, “Measuring busy-ness is far easier than measuring business.” His quote underscores the importance of identifying and measuring the right metrics so that at the end of the day, your business is delivering real value to your customers.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, that premise also serves as a basis for our metrics-driven management approach. The success of our business relies on understanding the data that impacts yours. As such, here are six ways our metrics-driven management approach benefits your business and puts you in the best light for your customers.

1. Decreased Turnaround Times

Often, research providers struggle with meeting promised turnaround times not because they aren’t aware of how long a request might take, but because they don’t see a disruption coming and don’t have a plan to handle the disruption. We use data from millions of criminal records searches to feed the algorithms that allow us to pinpoint issues before they impact turnaround times. For example, if our system sees an increase in requests coming for a particular jurisdiction or from a particular customer, we can automatically reroute resources to handle the increase.

2. Fewer Defects, Higher Quality

We use our metrics-driven management approach to drive up quality and eliminate defects from our processes. By keeping a close eye on our quality metrics we are intimately aware of every defect and can proactively engage with our quality and training teams to determine the source of the issue and measures to prevent it in the future. For our CRA customers, our published quality metrics and the steps we take to drive up quality have a direct positive impact on their own business.

3. Removing Variability & Chaos

Another way our approach benefits CRAs is by removing those chaotic moments when a research request that typically takes 2 days has suddenly extended to a week and the research provider neither saw this coming nor has been able to offer an explanation. Our FuseOS platform uses predictive analytics  to both route work within our research team and to generate real-time ETAs that are based on experience and millions of similar data points. These ETAs are delivered in real-time to the CRA customer dashboard so you can keep your end users in-the-know.

4. Ability to Scale with Consistent Quality

Wholesale Screening Solutions is uniquely positioned in the industry for scalability. The strength of the FuseOS platform alongside our nationwide network of researchers, and quality assurance processes mean we can scale quickly to meet the highest demands of our CRAs. And our metrics-driven approach allows us to scale while keeping quality in check.

5.  Consistently Meeting Expectations

We have a variety of tools in our quality arsenal, including machine learning and predictive analytics, as well as our FuseOS platform. These technologies give us the ability to convey highly accurate turnaround times for every order and send automated notifications as the status of each search changes. Should our clients want to check the status of an order directly, they have full, role-based access to the system 24/7.  Whether it’s the granular detail available on the FuseOS dashboard, or communication directly from our researchers, our clients know what to expect and when to expect it.

6. Accurately Predicting Turnaround Times (TATs) Based on Location

When your customers need to make a new hire, the last thing they want is to be held up waiting for the results of a criminal records check. Yet if you’re like many CRAs, one of the main sources of complaints, misunderstandings, and confusion among your customers is related to turnaround times. How is it that one request can take well under 24 hours while another can take five days or far more?

A key reason for variability in turnaround times is the variability in how research is obtained among the 3000+ local courthouses in the U.S. Some records are available via a public access terminal or online search, and others are only available through a hand search of the physical records. We use our metrics-driven approach to automatically track the differences from location to location and translate that into realistic TATs you can convey to your customers.

If a proven management approach is what you’re looking for, you need a partner who has the technology, team, and accountability to deliver. We work with leading employment screening, tenant screening, and risk mitigation providers nationwide and invite you to give our services a try.

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