Managing Expectations

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Managing Expectations

Expect more. The premise that CRAs should expect more from their supply chain partners was the genesis of Wholesale and remains one of the key pillars of our processes and culture.

This is the first of a series of blog posts whose aim is to increase the transparency of our processes, articulate our deep subject matter expertise, and reveal our culture of continuous improvement to our customers and the screening marketplace at large.

To meet your expectations, we have to deliver more. This delivery has an overarching strategy that reaches all our employees, and it starts with our culture. Our leadership team is committed to overtly driving a culture of Quality, Integrity, and Service that puts the customer’s needs in front of everything else.

So what does quality mean? What are the elements of quality? How is it measured; how is it demonstrated? While there are many approaches to quality, Wholesale manages it utilizing the following themes to ensure that our delivery matches your expectations:

  • Conformance to requirements- Do our business processes match your requirements
  • Alignment- How do we know we are producing to your requirements
  • Training- Are our researchers trained to your delivery requirements
  • Consistency- Are we consistently delivering our product
  • Scale- Are we meeting your elastic volume requirements
  • Demonstrate- What do our metrics tell you about our performance
  • Constant improvement- What have we learned that improves our delivery

We hope that you experience the results of our efforts to drive quality and that you will continue to come to this blog as a source of reference material. Your ability to deliver quality criminal records to your customer depends on the provider you choose. We are committed to delivering more.

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