Introducing i-Fed™ Intelligent Federal Research

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Federal records research is inherently time and labor intensive when it comes to ‘common name’ searches (think James Smith or Maria Garcia). The central record keeping system of the federal government (PACER) delivers all records associated with a particular name such that a single search can result in dozens of case results and files that must be hand-researched to ensure a match between the record and the subject at hand. This research can extend beyond the case files into cross-referencing of other government records systems or may even require phone calls to various authorities.

The impact on CRAs and their customers is evident as federal records requests can be unexpectedly costly and time-consuming.

Historically, the federal records verification process was entirely manual. Then federal “automation” was introduced to the industry with much fanfare only to quickly fizzle under the realization that even automation couldn’t resolve the issue with common name searches.

Today Wholesale Screening Solutions is proud to introduce our answer to the federal records ‘common name’ research problem. i-Fed™ intelligent federal research uses proprietary intelligent automation to minimize the need for manual verifications. Months of development and testing have come together to truly change the federal research game.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Robust, intelligent automation that drastically reduces the need for manual, labor-intensive verifications
  • Faster results, free of human error
  • Predictable turnaround times
  • Consistent affordable pricing

We believe we have developed the best, most efficient, most accurate federal research product on the market today. We now invite you to put our research up against your current solution.

Ready to give it a try? Request a free trial here.

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