Taking the Guesswork Out of Public Records Research

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Public Records Research

In the world of manufacturing, a machine working on a production line will rarely break down without some sort of indication that it needs service or repair. The question is, are the machine’s warning signs noticed? Do managers act to prevent the breakdown before it happens? Or does the machine suddenly break down and cause a screeching halt in the productivity of the entire line?

The way we see it, there is a thin veil separating our business as a public records research provider and the business of manufacturing. In manufacturing, there is no room for guesswork. When will those widgets be off the production line? How soon can we deliver 10,000 more? Those questions must be answered with precision or the company will risk losing customers.

Likewise, in background screening, our customers and our customers’ customers shouldn’t be left wondering when their criminal records requests will be fulfilled or if their supplier will be able to handle a sudden influx of requests.

The sheer volume of records and verifications requests moving through our work queues on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis requires that we eliminate guesswork from the system.

We know that if we have a pulse on the metrics that impact what our customers care about most (turnaround times, accuracy, and cost), we will be successful, our customers will be successful, and our customers’ customers will be successful. That is why we employ metrics-driven management.

What is Metrics-Driven Management?

Metrics-driven management means we manage per what the data tells us. We know when we’re headed toward an upset in the system and we adjust accordingly. We always know the score.

What data do we collect? Everything from turnaround times, hit ratios and orders in progress to accuracy and quality metrics. A wide range of data we need to better manage our business and in turn, for our clients to better manage theirs. And we not only collect data, we operationalize it and embed it directly into our Fuse technology so it’s predictive. So when you ask us for the turnaround time in Cuyahoga, Ohio, we can answer the question specifically rather than just providing an ‘average.’ We know the turnaround time for a hit is 28 hours and for a clear is 17 hours. We can tell you exactly what to expect.

How you benefit.

The benefits of our metrics-driven management approach are many and include:

  • The ability to scale quickly to meet your demands with consistent quality
  • Decreased turnaround time
  • Fewer defects, higher quality
  • Removing the chaos and avoiding upsets to the system
  • Consistently meeting expectations day after day after day
  • Accurately predicting TATs on a location by location basis

In summary, our management approach allows us to know where we’re going to be tomorrow. And that means you can better manage your own workload and customer expectations. We can’t do this without having the numbers in front of us.

Learn more about our metrics-driven management approach by reading this Inside Wholesale Q&A with COO, Dan Agee.

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