Good. Fast. Cheap. Can Your Public Records Research Provider Deliver All Three?

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Good, fast, and cheap

“Good, fast, cheap: pick two.” This has long been the mantra for everything from food to space shuttles. Yet in today’s world, there is a growing expectation for all three: good, fast, AND cheap.

In the background screening industry, where lives are impacted, there are real challenges and even dangers in trying to do all three. “Good” requires research providers to have the resources to invest in technology, compliance, training, staffing, process development, and management. “Fast” is getting harder and harder to control as courts are stretched for staffing and records are dispersed online, offline, and in storage facilities. “Cheap” can quickly snowball into a commoditization of background checks which brings a whole other set of issues.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, our aim is to find the optimal balance of good/fast/cheap, given the reality of today’s legal, societal, and business environment. Meeting expected turnaround times, delivering quality data, and keeping costs in check are the ways we have differentiated ourselves in the marketplace, but it’s a delicate balance.

How do we approach all three?

Good: Commit to Quality

Quality is woven into the fabric of the Wholesale Screening Solutions company culture. From day one, we instill in our employees and researchers the commitment to training and subject matter expertise necessary to deliver accurate data. We have also made significant and ongoing investments in proprietary technologies and provide customers with confidence in the quality and accuracy of the public record research we provide.

Fast: Manage TAT Expectations

Probably the most important thing we do to address the issue of turnaround time is to offer transparency into the research we provide to our customers. Letting our CRA customers know exactly what is happening across the jurisdictions we serve and what our capabilities are as a result, allows them to better manage their clients’ expectations.

Cheap: Offer Wholesale-Level Pricing

Every day we see new and existing companies offer public record research services with low-cost as their only selling point. Procurement gets a pat on the back for driving costs down, but when something bad happens, no one cares how low the price was. They care about whether the provider you used has defensible, well-documented processes in place. At Wholesale, we are committed to offering wholesale-level pricing. This means the lowest possible price that enables you to maximize your margins without sacrificing the other elements you care about: quality and turnaround.

When it comes to protecting both your customers’ and your own brand and profits, it makes a difference who you choose as your public records research provider. Choose a provider who can optimize “good, fast, and cheap” without hurting your business in the process.

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