3 Keys to Fast and Accurate Public Records Research Results

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As a CRA, you need to know your research requests will be delivered quickly and accurately (and of course, at the lowest possible price). Every wholesale-level research provider in the industry promises fast, accurate results. But do you understand what it takes for them to really deliver those results day in and day out?

We’ve boiled it down to three basic characteristics:

1. The right technology platform.

The right technology can help drive speed and quality across many dimensions. Probably the most significant impact of technology is its ability to bring transparency to the research process. Using machine learning and predictive analytics, the right technology platform can provide realistic estimated turnaround times, while also helping to ensure work is distributed to researchers in a way that results in the lowest possible TAT and the highest possible accuracy.

The Wholesale Screening Way: We have leveraged a team of developers to build the most robust structured technology product available, including advanced data parsing capabilities and fully transparent reporting to the endpoint of the fulfillment chain.

2. In-house research team.

Many of the nation’s courthouses allow online access to court records. Even still, your public records research provider must understand the nuances of each court system, what records are and are not available online, how to search the records efficiently, and how to ensure accurate data is reported. Having an in-house team for these types of requests enables tighter control over quality and processes which can result in faster, more accurate results.

The Wholesale Screening Way: We have a large team of well-trained internal researchers to fulfill any web-based jurisdiction.

3. External research team.

In cases where records cannot be researched online, your provider will need to send researchers to the courthouses to complete the research by hand or through the assistance of a court clerk. This type of research requires a surprising amount of ingenuity, experience, and even charisma as researchers are often reliant on clerks who are already spread thin. The key here is having a deep, proven network of external researchers. Not only does the right network help with quality, it also helps with turnaround time in the sense that the depth of your partner’s network will enable you to scale your business up and down as quickly as you need to.

The Wholesale Screening Way: Where required, we have external researchers performing in-court fulfillment. For these external jurisdictions we utilize a combination of our own employees and deeply-vetted outsourced researchers. All researchers meet our stringent quality, turnaround time, and communication standards required to call themselves a Wholesale Screening Solutions researcher.

Fast, accurate, low cost public records research is what every CRA is looking for. Having all three requires a provider who has their act together when it comes to people and technology.

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