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Q&A with Sabrina Whittington

Inside Wholesale Interview with Sabrina Whittington, Director, Client Services

Continuing our Q&A series, this month we spent time with Sabrina Whittington who is the director of client services at Wholesale Screening Solutions. She gave us an inside look at what it takes to operate a team that successfully handles more than 25,000 customer service inquiries each month.

Q: How has your team adjusted to the growth of Wholesale Screening Solutions over the past several years?

A: We couldn’t do our job without being backed by a sound operation process and team. The fact that we have grown in an operationally-sound manner means there are fewer upsets to the system and fewer upsets to our clients’ businesses. This has made our job in the customer service world much easier. In fact, despite our business growth in excess of 2,000 percent over the past five years and handling more than 25,000 service inquiries each month, our customer service team is actually smaller than it was three years ago!

Q: To what do you contribute your ability to handle more customer service inquiries with fewer people?

A: In addition to the operational soundness I mentioned earlier, it’s about serving our customers in the ways they want to be served. More and more, our customers are looking for self-service or alternative ways to get their questions answered. We have integrated technologies such as web chat, texting, and knowledge based support to provide faster response times. We have also tightened up our back end systems to facilitate email communications and easily route inquiries to each client’s dedicated customer service representative, where questions can be answered quickly and proficiently.

The technology we have deployed allows clear visibility into all of our customer service encounters, response times, volumes, and satisfaction rates so we can build better, more efficient ways to solve problems and respond to customers.

Q: What might people be surprised to know about customer service at Wholesale Screening Solutions?

A: Our customer service representatives must not only be experts in the act of providing great service, they also need to be experts in the workings of the various departments throughout the company. We see ourselves as the hub of the organization, interacting with accounting, research, processes, quality, training, and verifications on behalf of our customers. We have to be extremely knowledgeable and quick to resolve problems.

Q: What are you most proud of when it comes to your customer service team?

A: What makes me most proud is the same thing that makes our jobs so rewarding. That is the authentic relationships we have created with our customers. They know us and we know them. We treat the relationship as a partnership. For example, one of our longest standing and largest clients came to us because we simply answered the phone. Something as simple as answering the phone when a customer or prospect calls is a surprisingly simple yet authentic characteristic of our team.

Sometimes great customer service is as simple as answering the call. Does your public records research provider have the answers? If you’re looking for a company who puts the quality of the customer experience first, turn to us. Request a free trial today or contact us to become a customer.

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