What Today’s Employment Screening Providers Need Most from Their Wholesale Partners

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what CRAs need most

According to a new report from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), How Human Resources Professionals View and Use Background Screening in Employment, a full 96 percent of employers conduct one or more types of background check to guide their employment-related decisions. According to the study, 94% include some form of a criminal history check in their screening programs.

In other words, criminal history checks are a universal aspect of background screening for employment. With so much riding on the outcome of these checks, it’s easy to see why companies responsible for providing the results to employers (that’s you, the CRA) have high demands of their wholesale research partners.

In this blog, we highlight the 3 critically-important service characteristics that screening providers demand from their wholesale partners.

1. Accurate Data

Accuracy is paramount in the background screening industry as employee hiring and retention decisions are frequently made on the basis of background screening information. Their accuracy has the potential to impact the safety, security, and productivity of a given workplace. Defects, gaps, or errors in a background screen can be extremely costly and potentially damaging. That’s why it’s imperative that reports not just be accurate most of the time, but virtually every time.

Behind the scenes, dozens of steps go into the criminal records research process, but at the end of the day, CRAs need to trust and verify that their wholesale partners have a robust quality program that includes:

  • Closely controlled research teams
  • A robust training program focused on eliminating defects
  • Data that comes from authoritative sources
  • Metrics-based management
  • A culture of quality

2. ETAs that Mean Something

According to a recent NAPBS study, the number one challenge employers report when it comes to background screening is the length of time it takes to get results. Every day spent with an unfilled position costs them money and risks losing a good candidate.

Differences in ETAs are expected in the world of criminal records research but your wholesale provider be able to give you realistic, accurate turnaround times that are based on real-world experience and data. These turnaround times should be available at the outset and grounded in reality, rather than hope. It’s better that they set realistic expectations. If your customer knows that a background check will take three days to return rather than one, for example, they can then inform the hiring manager and the applicant, explain the reason for the timeframe, and avoid the frustration that naturally comes when people are forced to wait for an unknown or unexplained period of time.

3. Transparency

Perhaps the single most important thing CRAs today need from their wholesale partners is transparency. What do we mean by this? Being transparent means having a partner who is willing to open their processes, workloads, and quality metrics for their customers to see how their own business will be impacted.

Transparency between CRAs and wholesale providers can result in fewer misunderstandings, greater efficiency, and an all-around better customer experience. You can better manage your business and your customers while keeping your provider accountable. After all, a partner who opens up its processes, turnaround times, and quality metrics to a customer’s view is naturally going to be held accountable to those metrics.

All Wholesale Providers Are Not Created Equal

Given the fundamental role background checks play at virtually every organization, screening providers are well-served to thoroughly research and vet wholesale providers before choosing such an important partner.  How do they fare when it comes to quality, transparency, and turnaround times?

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, quality is our number one priority. Our CRA customers expect that the research we deliver is accurate and reliable, every time. In 2018, we conducted 17,988,624 searches, delivering an accuracy rate of 99.9768 percent! We take great pride in providing full access to our up-to-date quality metrics and in giving CRAs the tools they need to provide visibility to their clients.

If you’d like to know more about our commitment to quality, or how we stack up against the factors above, please contact us.

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