3 Ways We Put People at the Heart of Customer Service

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Earlier this month we sat down with our Director of Account Management, Bryan Snow, about the concept of partnership-level customer service. He explained how we define and deliver a high level of service to our clients. Specifically, he described how Wholesale Screening Solutions recently set out to revamp the way our customer service and account management departments work to create transparent and excellent customer relationships.


A key part of how we have grown and evolved as a company is through a concept called metrics-driven management. As you might guess, this involves a lot of data and automation and clear-cut projections to ensure we meet our customers’ demands for turnaround times and scalability. But Bryan pointed to the key factor in our ability to successfully handle more than 20,000 customer service tickets per month and project volume demands with great accuracy. The key? It’s our people.

“Metrics is a huge piece of the puzzle but when we were going through the department revamp, the investment we made in our customer service professionals was equally, if not more, important,” explained Snow.

So what is it about our people that differentiates Wholesale Screening Solutions’ customer service approach?

1. Deep Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System

Subject matter expertise drives service excellence. We know when our clients can count on us to answer their questions, speak their language, and truly understand the nuances of their public records research requests, their service experience is far better.

In our customer service department, almost every one of our service executives originated from our research or proofing divisions. As a result, they have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system, how the organization works, and a core knowledge of jurisdictions and how each operates.

2. Investment in Training and Continuing Education

There’s always something new to learn. We invest a significant amount of time in weekly and monthly trainings to enhance subject matter expertise in our customer service executives. Not only are they maintaining and building their knowledge of jurisdictional nuances and general customer service information, but they are training with other departments to have a full grasp of the business. Regular meetings with operations, proofing, verifications, vendor management, quality, and compliance departments give our customer service executives a wide breadth of knowledge that we pass on to our clients.

3. Maintaining a Family Environment

We have found that one of the keys to a successful and positive customer service department is to have a group of individuals who genuinely enjoy working together. Our team members work in an open environment that promotes interpersonal communication and collaboration. We also hold monthly team outings to unwind and build the type of family culture that helps everyone enjoy their work and be able deliver a positive and upbeat customer experience each and every day.

Building partnership-level customer service experiences for our clients is critical to our success. And this can only happen when we keep people at the heart of our approach.

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