The Hard Truth About What a Typical Monitoring Solution Might Really Be Costing End Users [Infographic]

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Monitoring: What's the true cost?

The background screening industry is seeing a lot of success with monitoring solutions that help employers and end users better manage the ongoing risks of a workforce that is less and less under the direct watchful eye of its employers. Even when remote working was less of a necessity, monitoring was rising in value as employers have become ever more aware of their role in keeping the workplace and the public safe from foreseeable risk.

Background monitoring solutions have traditionally centered on arrest and incarceration records. An end user/employer signs up for a monitoring solution and can choose to be immediately alerted if an employee is arrested and/or booked into jail. This information can be valuable to employers as they seek to better predict if an employee might turn from “normal and safe” to someone presenting a greater degree of risk. What surprises some employers to discover, however, is the limitations on how they can really use such information when making employment-related decisions. Because as we all know, just because someone has been arrested doesn’t mean they are guilty, they have not had due process and they are certainly not yet convicted of a crime.

So now what?

Put yourself in the place of an end user/employer and imagine you — as a CRA — are offering them an arrest record monitoring solution? What happens when you deliver a hit?

Our latest infographic uncovers the hard truth about what too many employers learn too late about the usefulness of typical monitoring solutions. Where these typical solutions stop (at arrest or incarcerations) just doesn’t give the complete picture. So, what does the employer have to do? Get out a spreadsheet and begin the arduous process of “track, order, wait, pay” until they eventually uncover how the arrest played out. Through each step of the court process, the employer’s HR department must track the affected employee, order a new court records search from their CRA, wait for the results to come back, pay for the report, and repeat that process until finally a resolution is found. Track, order, wait, pay. Track, order, wait, pay. Track, order, wait, pay. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching.


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Now consider an alternative. A continuous monitoring solution that monitors the actual court records — from arrest to conclusion without the need for “track, order, wait, pay.” Instead it’s monitor…… alert…..monitor…… alert…..monitor……alert. Nothing the CRA or employer needs to do. Simply sit back and wait for the updates to roll in — and determine which updates you want and don’t want — and act accordingly based on your criteria.

Continuous court records monitoring reveals two hard truths about what a typical arrest records monitoring solution really costs:

Added Administrative Time

When a typical monitoring solution delivers an alert that an employee has been arrested, the end user/employer then begins the process of tracking that arrest. We have seen many employers who use spreadsheets and other manual checklists to track these alerts. After a certain amount of time, they will want to know what happened with the arrest so they will then order a new court records check from their CRA, wait for the results, then update their spreadsheet. This process continues for each employee until a final outcome is determined.

With continuous court records monitoring, there is nothing the end user needs to do. The activity at the court level is tracked and reported automatically.

Added Hard Costs

With a typical monitoring solution, each new order placed to check the status of the individual’s court record after the initial arrest record is a new line item on the invoice from the CRA to the end user.

With continuous court records monitoring, you pay once for ongoing monitoring from arrest to conclusion.

Here at Wholesale Screening, we have led the way in the background screening industry with a true continuous court records monitoring solution that addresses the wish list of CRAs and employers in terms of what monitoring really should be. Learn more about Wholesale Court Records Monitoring here.

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