[Infographic] A CRA’s Reference: Continuous Court Records Monitoring

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A company’s long-standing employee gets arrested one Friday night. The employer receives an automated alert, almost immediately. What should the employer do with this information?

Your response to this question will most likely entail a lot more questions than answers. What did the employee get arrested for? Jaywalking or armed robbery? Did my employee really do this? What if the police arrested the wrong person? What do I do now that I know?

Perhaps the most important question would be: After the arrest, was the employee charged and found guilty of a crime, or were charges never brought, or was the case dismissed, or was my employee acquitted? In other words, is this a non-issue?

Continuous monitoring is a growing trend in background screening. Employers use it to automatically (and continuously) monitor public records sources to identify when an employee may have a change in their background that could impact their employment status.

Unlike other forms of employment screening, such as pre-employment screening or scheduled re-screening, the big difference here is the continuous nature of the screening. Employers can be alerted in near real-time when an employee is arrested.

However, as our example at the beginning of this post reveals, what’s missing from most continuous monitoring solutions is the answer to the most pressing question. What was the outcome of the arrest?

The thing is, employers often discover that, in fact, they don’t really want to know when someone has been arrested. Innocent people get arrested. Sometimes arrests are unlawful.

What they really want to know is this: What was the outcome of the arrest?

Our latest infographic offers a reference to CRAs about the importance of delivering actionable data via continuous monitoring to their end user/employer customers. Without actual court records, actionable data simply isn’t possible. And what you’ll quickly discover as you look around at what most providers are offering, their data can potentially be more harmful than helpful.

Check out the infographic here:

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