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How to Evaluate Your Public Records Research Provider

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

If you’re like many CRAs, you don’t sit around questioning or evaluating your public records research providers. As long as the results are coming in and clients aren’t complaining, there’s no reason to think they are doing anything other than a fine job. That is, until something goes wrong. A good client suddenly leaves due… Read more

Introducing i-Fed™ Intelligent Federal Research

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

Federal records research is inherently time and labor intensive when it comes to ‘common name’ searches (think James Smith or Maria Garcia). The central record keeping system of the federal government (PACER) delivers all records associated with a particular name such that a single search can result in dozens of case results and files that… Read more

How We Got Rid of the Black Box in the Background Screening Industry

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

The end of the supply chain has long been considered a black box in the background screening industry. CRAs send an order to the research provider and have no certain timeframe or visibility into when they will receive the order back. This ‘black box’ creates a cascade of problems when it comes to managing client… Read more