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4 Ways to Test the Strength of Your Public Records Research Provider’s Supplier Network

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As a CRA, you know firsthand the benefit of having a partner in the public records research space who can deliver predictable turnaround times and consistent quality–regardless how your needs might fluctuate. Doing so requires that your provider-partner has a strong supplier network to handle any request you throw their way. How can you be… Read more

How We Optimize Our Supplier Network

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Inside Wholesale Q&A with Carl Cogdill, Vice President of Vendor Management and Process Engineering To handle the breadth and volume of research we perform on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, we rely on a deep and proven network of trusted suppliers. Carl Cogdill oversees the Wholesale Screening Solutions research supplier network responding to the… Read more

Trust in the Relationship between Wholesaler and Supplier

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In the background screening industry, trust is the name of the game; from where the chain begins with the prospective employee, to where it ends with the boots on the ground researchers. All parties involved must have a mutual trust of one another. Within that chain is the trust between a wholesaler and their external… Read more