Category: Public Records Research

The State of Public Records Research: Are We There Yet?

By Carl Cogdill |

It goes without saying that these past 14 months have been nothing short of unprecedented. Here at Wholesale Screening, one of the specific impacts that has affected our clients greatly has been access to public records data. With access in many jurisdictions limited, this past year brought many challenges. So, where are we now? As… Read more

Background Screening and the Practice of Being Relentless

By Michael Gaul |

I bought my German Shepherd Bodhi a big red ball. He has destroyed every dog toy imaginable; this one made for big cats in zoos seemed the answer. It’s hard plastic and about the size of a basketball. It’s too big for him to bite, his mighty jaws are just not up to the task.… Read more

The Monitoring Paradox

By Vince Pascarella, Esq., SPHR, FCRA-A, EVP & General Counsel, Wholesale Screening Solutions |


Darn it, that job applicant seemed perfect on paper. He interviewed so well. She was recommended by a great long-term employee. All that stood between you and them was the background check. Unfortunately, this final step revealed something you didn’t expect to find. What do you do? Should you call in legal? Do you even… Read more

How Do You Know?

By Michael Gaul |

How do you know?

My father ran central maintenance at a Dupont facility for 43 years. He dealt with all manners of broken equipment and machinery, last minute changes, and production schedules. Dupont products; Teflon, Zytel, Delrin, and Butacite are still part of my lexicon. Primarily, dad worked with the mechanical engineering team. That team was responsible for design… Read more