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Debunking the Myth of Online Public Records Research

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

It is a common misconception that public records, in particular, criminal records, are available to researchers online. Your end user customers may have the idea that you can simply log in to “the portal” and search the database to uncover any notable findings about their prospective employee or tenant. The myth is: All courthouses make… Read more

3 Keys to Fast and Accurate Public Records Research Results

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As a CRA, you need to know your research requests will be delivered quickly and accurately (and of course, at the lowest possible price). Every wholesale-level research provider in the industry promises fast, accurate results. But do you understand what it takes for them to really deliver those results day in and day out? We’ve… Read more

Top Pitfalls of Public Records Research You Should Avoid

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As a CRA, your customers count on you to provide them with accurate, timely, cost-effective background screening reports. You, in turn, rely on your public records research partners to provide you with data that is accurate, complete, timely, and cost-effective. Before you or your staff report information obtained from your research partners to your customers,… Read more

6 Background Screening Trends to Watch in 2019

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Background screening companies and employers are watching their worlds evolve and transform with the rise of technology, the growing concern for privacy and data protection, and the increasingly complex regulatory environment. As we look ahead to what 2019 will bring, there are some key trends we see driving the background screening industry and impacting wholesale… Read more