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Process Engineering: Carl Makes Sure Our Processes Are Smooth So Yours Can Be Too

By Carl Cogdill |

As we continue our journey to highlight the people of Wholesale and specifically, how our people directly and positively impact the success of our CRA customers, today we are pleased to introduce Carl Cogdill. As the VP of Vendor Management and Process Engineering, Carl Cogdill and his team are integral to how Wholesale delivers timely,… Read more

Top 7 Posts from the Wholesale Screening Solutions Blog in 2017

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

The start of a new year is a perfect time to reflect on the successes and failures of the previous. Judged by the number of visits to each of our articles, we looked back at the content you found most valuable in 2017. From your activity, we’ve compiled this list of our top 7 posts… Read more

Process Dependent: Why Yours is Only as Good as Your Research Provider’s

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

That criminal records request from Bartow County, GA that happens to be holding up a client’s important new hire. If you can’t tell your customer exactly where it is in the process and when it will be delivered, you’re in a very uncomfortable position. Multiply this by the hundreds or thousands of requests you handle… Read more

Is Your Research Network in ‘Set It and Forget It’ Mode?

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

For CRAs and background screening companies, success depends on your ability to deliver quality data, quickly and affordably. The research network you turn to is the linchpin to success. A tightly-controlled, well managed network will consistently deliver as expected. Conversely, a poorly-managed or neglected network will eventually show its weaknesses. The question is, will those… Read more