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6 Ways Our Metrics-Driven Management Approach Benefits CRAs

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metrics-driven management

Acclaimed author and entrepreneur Seth Godin once said, “Measuring busy-ness is far easier than measuring business.” His quote underscores the importance of identifying and measuring the right metrics so that at the end of the day, your business is delivering real value to your customers. At Wholesale Screening Solutions, that premise also serves as a… Read more

5 Metrics Every CRA Should Have at Their Fingertips

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5 Metrics Every CRA Should Have

As a CRA/background screening provider, one of the key stresses you face is managing pressure from clients who need quality research, fast. They can’t make their critical hiring decisions without it. And you can’t manage their expectations without knowing where the work is in progress, if there might be a delay, and what commitments you… Read more

How to Evaluate Your Public Records Research Provider

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If you’re like many CRAs, you don’t sit around questioning or evaluating your public records research providers. As long as the results are coming in and clients aren’t complaining, there’s no reason to think they are doing anything other than a fine job. That is, until something goes wrong. A good client suddenly leaves due… Read more

Taking the Guesswork Out of Public Records Research

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In the world of manufacturing, a machine working on a production line will rarely break down without some sort of indication that it needs service or repair. The question is, are the machine’s warning signs noticed? Do managers act to prevent the breakdown before it happens? Or does the machine suddenly break down and cause… Read more