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When Push Comes to Shove, is Quality Really That Important?

By Michael Gaul |

When Push Comes to Shove, Is Quality Really That Important?

Time, cost, quality… the pillars of a service industry’s value proposition. Funny how when one corner of this triangle gets tweaked, we all rush to put out the fire at the expense of the other two. Cost is always the leader, until something bad happens. Quality doesn’t matter when we are getting data back before… Read more

Top 7 Posts from the Wholesale Screening Solutions Blog in 2017

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

The start of a new year is a perfect time to reflect on the successes and failures of the previous. Judged by the number of visits to each of our articles, we looked back at the content you found most valuable in 2017. From your activity, we’ve compiled this list of our top 7 posts… Read more

How We Put HRO Principles to Work

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

Just as naval aircraft carriers, nuclear power plants, and air traffic control systems successfully avoid disasters that would be expected to occur with great regularity, research providers and CRAs must strive to become highly reliable. High reliability organizations (HROs) are able to avoid catastrophes while operating in environments where accidents and errors can be expected… Read more

Can the Background Screening Industry Achieve Near-Perfect Quality in the Face of Complexity?

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

In the background screening industry, important decisions are made every day. These decisions directly impact the safety and livelihood of people; and the reputation, productivity, and profits of organizations. The decisions to hire, fire, promote, and retain employees are made in large part on the basis of data that is collected in mass quantities through… Read more