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Where’s the Beef in Your Monitoring Solution? [Case Study]

By Bruce Myers |

10-week continuous monitoring study

As one of the more “tenured” people in the background screening industry, I along with a few dozen others will remember the 1984 Wendy’s commercial featuring an elderly Clara Peller asking that famous question, “Where’s the beef?” The point of course was that Wendy’s burgers had more beef, more meat, than their competitors. What does… Read more

Welcome to the Next-Gen of Monitoring

By Bruce Myers |

monitoring, welcome to the next gen

Remember when the Blackberry was the ultimate smartphone? When MySpace ruled social media? Or when everyone had a Hotmail account? How about when TV was broadcast in real-time and you had to be on the couch in time to catch your favorite show? When movies were rented from a store? Or when email was the… Read more

[Infographic] A CRA’s Reference: Continuous Court Records Monitoring

By Wholesale Screening Solutions |

A CRA’s Reference: Continuous Court Records Monitoring

A company’s long-standing employee gets arrested one Friday night. The employer receives an automated alert, almost immediately. What should the employer do with this information? Your response to this question will most likely entail a lot more questions than answers. What did the employee get arrested for? Jaywalking or armed robbery? Did my employee really… Read more

Unlike Happy Fun Ball, Court Records Need No Disclaimers

By Michael Gaul |

Accept no substitutes.

Ever see the SNL skit about Happy Fun Ball? It was supposedly happy and fun, but the disclaimers made it sound like it must be at least a little bit dangerous. We have all seen the latest “pill” solution to an intractable ailment that comes with a list of disclaimers that make the original symptoms… Read more