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Background Screening and the Intersection of Compliance, Quality, and Legal

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Inside Wholesale Q&A with EVP and General Counsel, Vince Pascarella Where the worlds of compliance, legal, and quality meet, you’ll find Vince Pascarella, EVP and General Counsel for Wholesale Screening Solutions. A background screening industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience, Vince shares his view on trends impacting CRAs and how these trends should… Read more

The Unintended Result of Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

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We recently sat down with Wholesale Screening Solutions founder and president, Matt Lowers. He discussed a few key trends impacting the background screening industry and public records research, specifically. Lowers explained, “One of the key trends involves jurisdictions that remove identifiers from the public index in an effort to protect the applicant’s privacy or identity.… Read more

How to Evaluate Your Public Records Research Provider

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If you’re like many CRAs, you don’t sit around questioning or evaluating your public records research providers. As long as the results are coming in and clients aren’t complaining, there’s no reason to think they are doing anything other than a fine job. That is, until something goes wrong. A good client suddenly leaves due… Read more

Does Your Public Records Research Provider Help or Hinder Your Compliance Efforts?

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Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) have seen their roles and responsibilities transform in recent years as a more litigious, more highly-regulated, and increasingly complex compliance environment has officially taken shape. Compliance requirements are significant and stakes are high as regulators, employers, and employees each strive to create equal employment opportunity and safe workplaces. While not on… Read more