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2019 Quality Review: Reporting on Our Progress Toward Six Sigma

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2019 Quality Review

It is with great pride and sights set high for 2020 that we share with you a summary of our 2019 quality review. As you may already know, we share our quality metrics publicly each month on our website and via email to our customers, partners, and associates. As far as we know, we are… Read more

8 Most Popular Posts from the Public Records Research Blog of 2018

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The complex, dynamic, and important world of public records research is highlighted in the range of blog posts that rose to the top of our most-read list for 2018. These posts generated the most attention from our readers over the course of 2018 and represent many of the key issues CRAs and the background as… Read more

How We Give Back: Interviews with Champions of our Causes

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While there are many causes we support, we have three primary non-profit organizations that have our ongoing commitment of time, energy, and resources: HeroHomes, Tree of Life Ministries, and Every Orphan’s Hope. We believe wholeheartedly in the mission of these organizations and are proud to be affiliated with them. This month we asked our champions… Read more

Forward-Thinking: Q&A with Wholesale Screening Solutions Founder, Matt Lowers

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Earlier this month we sat down with Wholesale Screening Solutions founder and president, Matt Lowers. His story began over ten years ago when he identified an unfilled need among CRAs in the background screening industry. It continues today as Wholesale Screening Solutions was recently named among the Inc. 500 fastest growing privately held companies in… Read more