What Happens When Background Checks Become a Commodity?

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Does it really matter what company you use for public records research? As a CRA, you’re working with thin margins. Every penny saved is a penny earned, and your supply chain is a great place to look for cost-cutting. Procurement teams are celebrated for twisting suppliers’ arms on pricing and shaving every last bit of cost from the operation’s profit and loss.

Getting a great price from your suppliers is important and it should be a given in the wholesale space.

But what happens when a class action lawsuit lands on the desk of your CEO? Can you backup your choice of supplier, especially when it comes to criminal records? Does your supplier have what it takes to support your defense with well-documented processes?

For many CRAs, the only thing that matters is cost. Until it’s suddenly not what matters at all.

As CRAs continue the trend of driving compliance requirements down to their supplier network, it really matters who you choose as your research partner. From our side, we see companies entering or growing within the wholesale public records research space to win business by being the cheapest. Before you decide to choose one, based only on cost, you need to find out: Do they really understand what’s going on in the courthouse world? Do they have the business acumen to meet your requirements?

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, our leaders have been on both sides of the table, as CRAs and as wholesalers. We understand the changing legal landscape and needs of CRAs, employers, and applicants alike. We have the relationships and “feet-on-the-street” experience at the courthouse level, nationwide. And we have the processes in place to deliver criminal records research and verifications that are grounded in quality and compliance practices you can count on when it matters most.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your supplier in the public records research space yet you can’t afford to sacrifice wholesale pricing, give Wholesale Screening Solutions a try.

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