Automation in the World of Background Screening: Today and Tomorrow

By Jason Spiegel |

automation in background screening industry

Here at Wholesale Screening, we see ourselves as a technology driven company filled with people who are engaged in helping our customers be successful. Our ability to automate key processes is critical to helping us deliver faster turnaround times, fewer defects, better customer service, and greater innovation to our CRA customers.

But how do you fully automate a process that — among other challenges — requires the cooperation of more than 3,500 independent local courts, each with sometimes widely varying degrees of data accessibility, availability, and resources? This question underlies one of the many factors that influences what automation looks like today, and what it will look like into the future.

What Automation at Wholesale Looks Like Today

When we talk about automation, we’re referring to how we utilize technology across the public records research process — from the intake of new research requests to the fulfillment of those requests. Today, we have the most robust structured automation platform available in the industry. This platform, FuseOS, enables us to accept new research requests from any system and in any format without missing a beat. It also enables us to scale our workloads by automatically routing research requests to the most appropriate resource to ensure the data is delivered back in the shortest possible time frame.

In terms of automation by jurisdiction, 50% of online jurisdictions are built to send directly to our customer without human touch, unless key information is missing or other red flags are present and our researchers are needed to fill in the gaps. As a whole, approximately 68% of our overall volume is automated, typically limited by courts that do not offer online access and those that do not allow access to online personal identifiable information (PII).

Despite this level of automation, we still have a great reliance on our account management, client services, and research teams to communicate with our customers, step in when courts are offline, and to make decisions about how to process certain data.

Where Automation at Wholesale is Headed

Our goal is to deliver the fastest, most accurate results with the highest level of service to our customers. We believe automation is key to achieving this goal.

Over the next 3-5 years, we see automation as being the #1 process to performing our orders — perhaps even as high as 90-95% of orders will be completely automated. However, we won’t be a typical automated provider. We’ll continue to apply intelligence to the data so we can continue to give our clients what they need.

Automation is clearly an overriding theme of business today. When it comes to background screening, and in the case of public records research, our ability to automate processes is reliant on a wide range of factors. Many of them are nuanced in ways that are not always apparent on the surface. We’ll continue to refine our technology and apply automation in ways that benefit our customers now and in the future. Stay tuned for more.

About Jason Spiegel
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