Wholesale Screening Solutions Ends the Year with 5 Sigma Level Quality on Nearly 18 Million Searches

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6 Sigma 2018

Nationwide public records research provider, Wholesale Screening Solutions, proudly released its 2018 quality numbers indicating the company delivered an accuracy rate of 99.9768% on 17,988,624 searches, equating to a 5.000489 sigma level based on year-to-date volume as of November 26, 2018. Wholesale Screening Solutions performs criminal, civil, and federal criminal records research for some of the nation’s leading background screening companies and consumer reporting agencies nationwide.

Accuracy rates are important in the background screening industry as the information can play a key role in enhancing the safety, security, and productivity of today’s workforces. Employee hiring and retention decisions are frequently made on the basis of background screening information collected by companies like Wholesale Screening Solutions. As a result, defects can be extremely costly and potentially damaging.

According to Wholesale Screening Solutions, it is the only wholesale data provider to share its quality metrics publicly. Quality data is updated monthly and published on the company’s website.

Dan Agee, Chief Operating Officer for Wholesale Screening Solutions, explains, “We’ve been able to drive our defect rate down significantly, while also increasing the number of searches we perform. This gives our customers a high level of confidence in the data they receive from us and allows us to consistently meet their expectations.”

Matt Lowers, President and CEO of Wholesale Screening Solutions, remarks, “While this is an incredible milestone and testament to the commitment of our team, we aren’t finished yet. We have this bold idea that we can hit six sigma and we’re going to keep pushing the envelope to get there.”

To learn more about Wholesale Screening Solutions and to view the company’s current state of quality, visit wholesalescreening.com.


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