3 Traits of a Great Public Records Researcher

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Here at Wholesale Screening Solutions, we’re always looking for great people to fill the important role of public records researcher. The ability to accurately perform the research is obviously a critical skill, and we spend a lot of time training our staff on the ins and outs of research. However, to be a truly great researcher, we also recognize other foundational traits and build these into our training and ongoing development programs.

Aside from the ability to perform accurate research, traits of truly great researchers include the following:

1. They understand our role in the CRA’s supply chain.

Great researchers understand that they play an important role in a CRA’s supply chain. They recognize they are doing more than just supplying data and do their best to ensure that the research covers the scope of what the CRA is looking for, that it is delivered on time, and that it is accurate (meaning, without defects). Great researchers recognize people’s livelihoods are at stake and critical decisions are being made, in part, based on information that stems from their efforts.

2. They ‘get’ how the court system works.

Great researchers get the nuances of the court systems. While they might not be experts in every one of the more than 3,000 jurisdictions nationwide, they understand that nuances exist. They understand that availability of online data varies from court to court, and that sometimes a friendly attitude can make all the difference to a court clerk whose patience is running thin. 

3. They recognize how we help protect our customers.

CRAs and end users are facing unprecedented levels of compliance and accountability when it comes to background screening. While we aren’t on the front lines of responsibility, great researchers don’t look to pass the buck. They take the same level of care to follow prescribed policies and procedures and work carefully to ensure the research they deliver is of the highest quality. They understand that the quality of their work can help protect the entire supply chain, the CRA, the end user, and consumers alike.

Here at Wholesale Screening Solutions, we strive to build the greatest team of researchers in the industry. These foundational traits are some of the many characteristics we look for and build into our training and professional development programs. What traits would you add to the list?

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