3 Pillars of Quality: How Wholesale Puts Six Sigma to Work

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When it comes to public records research and verifications, the quality of the data we capture and return has a direct impact on people’s lives. Because of this, we have taken on quality as our number one priority, and have woven it into the fabric of the company in very tangible, personal ways.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we subscribe to the Six Sigma methodology. This gives us a rigorous framework for bringing quality to our clients, implementing corrective actions in the event of a defect, and achieving continuous improvements along the way. This Six Sigma approach has three key pillars: Culture, training, and metrics.

1. A Culture of Quality

From day one, employees at Wholesale Screening engrain themselves in our deep commitment to quality. This starts with an onboarding process that includes an executive-level address, and two weeks of intense training. It is then followed, extending into an incentive program that rewards long-term quality activities. Wholesale’s culture of quality serves as a steel thread running throughout the entire organization.

As a result of this commitment to quality, we have individuals in our organization who have achieved more than 12 consecutive months of 100% quality. When you consider the large number of transactions completed by our researchers each day, these are remarkable results.

2. Continuous Training

Employees begin their tenure at Wholesale with a two-week, in-depth training on the criminal justice system, our culture, and how to do a search. Training and learning continue through our learning management system (LMS), where individuals can gain special certification on jurisdiction-specific knowledge.

3. Metrics-Driven Management

Quality is made very real by the data we collect. We use our Fuse operating system and a metrics-driven management approach to prove that what we’re doing from a quality perspective is really working. Monthly “Current State of Quality” meetings are used to recap our current quality scores across many dimensions in order to identity for trends and patterns and opportunities to improve.

How you benefit.

Through our Six Sigma approach and dedication to the three pillars of quality, we’ve been able to drive our defect rate down significantly, while also increasing the number of searches we perform. As a company, we are extremely close to reaching a Six Sigma level. So, how does this benefit you?

  • Confidence in the data you receive from Wholesale
  • Ability to scale quickly to meet your demands with consistent quality
  • Decreased turnaround time
  • Fewer defects, higher quality
  • Consistently meeting your expectations day after day after day

In summary, our focus on quality means you have a partner you can trust to deliver quality data for better decision making.

Learn more about our quality and training strategy by reading this Inside Wholesale Q&A with our Director of Quality and Training, Mark Perka.

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