2019 Quality Review: Reporting on Our Progress Toward Six Sigma

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2019 Quality Review

It is with great pride and sights set high for 2020 that we share with you a summary of our 2019 quality review. As you may already know, we share our quality metrics publicly each month on our website and via email to our customers, partners, and associates. As far as we know, we are the only public records research provider in the industry to offer such transparency. We do it because we know how important it is to you that we get things right.

In our quest to deliver the highest quality research in the industry, we turn to Six Sigma, a set of techniques and tools for process improvement introduced by engineer Bill Smith while he was working at Motorola in 1986. Smith’s approach is known as Six Sigma and it’s probably the most widely-recognized system for quality worldwide.

The premise of Six Sigma is to measure how many defects or errors an organization has in a given process and then to systematically eliminate them and get as close to zero defects as possible. To be considered at the level of “Six Sigma Quality” a process must produce no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. That’s near-perfect quality!

With our eye on Six Sigma, we recently sat down to reflect on our year-end quality metrics. Here they are:

Current State of Quality: January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019. 20,993,508 Searches, 99.9765% Accuracy Rate, 0.0235% Defect Rate, 4,927 Total Defects, 234.6916009 Defects per Million Opportunities, 4.997646292 Sigma

Research volume increased over 15%.

In 2019 we fulfilled nearly 21 million research requests, 16.7% more than 2018’s total of almost 18 million. That’s 3 million additional searches coming through our system.

Accuracy rate declined .0003%.

On nearly 21 million requests, we delivered an accuracy rate of 99.9765% which represented a decline of .0003% over 2018 figures. As a result, our sigma level declined to 4.997646292 from 2018’s level of 5.000489, a decrease of .00724371.

Some might remark that the difference in accuracy rate is hardly worth worrying about considering the increase in volume we were able to handle. But we see it differently. We see every single defect as an opportunity to learn, improve, and engineer out the possibility of such a defect occurring a second time.

About our continued focus on Six Sigma:

Recognizing that the background screening industry plays a vital role in the safety, security, and productivity of today’s workforces, we are committed to growing our Six Sigma capabilities and leadership. This year, we will continue to build our Six Sigma team through increasing levels of certification and continued application of the structured methodology we are using to get as close to perfect as possible.

We hope you’ll continue to follow our journey in the months and years ahead.

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