What Today’s Employment Screening Providers Need Most from Their Wholesale Partners

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what CRAs need most

According to a new report from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), How Human Resources Professionals View and Use Background Screening in Employment, a full 96 percent of employers conduct one or more types of background check to guide their employment-related decisions. According to the study, 94% include some form of a criminal… Read more

Pursuit of Perfection Series: Continuous Improvement

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In the first post of our new Pursuit of Perfection blog series, we introduced the concept of Six Sigma and described how it’s used at Wholesale Screening Solutions to improve our business processes and – by extension – our service to Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs). Six Sigma uses data and statistical analysis rather than guesswork… Read more

Pursuit of Perfection Series: State of Quality 2019 Year to Date

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Quality is our number one priority at Wholesale Screening Solutions. Our Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) customers expect that the research we deliver is accurate and reliable, every time. Our goal is that it must be perfect. To achieve perfection in this industry is no small feat. But it’s what we are working toward through our… Read more

Pursuit of Perfection Series: 3 Key Components of Our Researcher Training Program

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This blog continues our Pursuit of Perfection series where we highlight aspects of our business that impact the quality of our public records research. Today, we look at our researcher training program and how we use it to drive towards our goal of six sigma level quality. Research analysts at Wholesale Screening Solutions are put… Read more