Pursuit of Perfection Series: Defect Tracking & Response

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Today we begin a new series of articles related to our journey to reach a Six Sigma quality level. We are calling the series “Pursuit of Perfection,” and we plan to use this series to highlight aspects of business that impact the quality of the product we deliver to our Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) clients.… Read more

A Best Practice Fulfillment Process for Criminal Records Research

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Are you confident that your public records research provider can fulfill the volume of requests you send through? Here at Wholesale Screening Solutions, we fulfill nearly 2 million public records searches per month and if there’s one thing we can tell you for sure — it takes a robust fulfillment process. Our ability to intake… Read more

5 Specific Methods that Lead to Fast, Accurate Public Records Research Results

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Fast Accurate Public Records Research

In today’s increasingly digital world, it seems everything is getting faster–if not instantaneous. Our very definition of fast has become even faster. When your customer has a new hire on the line and the only sticking point is the background check, fast takes on a new level of urgency. Then there’s the point of accuracy.… Read more

How to Respond to FAQs About Criminal Records Research

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As a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), you play a key role in your client’s hiring decisions. As they turn to you for vital data and helpful advice concerning their use of criminal records in hiring, many questions will come up. And since most employers are not experts in public records research, they will count on… Read more